Another doodle thing. Haru and Rin mermaids

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Alrighty, so here are several text-only translations of stuff by 背骨 (sorry, but I don’t actually plan on typesetting any of these). They’re still amazing though as usual~ Some things under the break NSFW.


Source [JP]: 4 pages total

Text: Assuming the two of them are going out, but still have a platonic relationship.

Rin: Happy birthday, Sousuke!
Rin: Congrats on turning 18! What do you want as a present?

Sousuke: You.

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I still remember… The day I first met you.

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"Wait for me to come home"
Long Distance Relationship (AU)

Anime: Free! Eternal Summer
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Song: Photograph
Pairing: Sosuke x Rin

(or scenes that didn’t actually happen in the real show -not yet at least-)

cit. “I heard you were talking s**t about my Otp, 
so I came to the rescue with a long and full of feels AMV
seems legit to me

This is the BEST AMV ever. Whoever did this, is so damn talented!



"Rin-chan! How could you take Haru-chan to Australia and not me!"

「≷」- “Tsk, and why should I take you to Australia? You’ll just end up getting into trouble by stealing a koala or something. Besides, Haru needed it.”

「Shoreline Spill」 - [closed rp: @ harukalovestoswim]


The inside of the car was unlike anything he had ever seen. There were so many buttons and levers to try out. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to investigate further. Taking what the red head said in the most literal way imaginable, the merman slumped in his seat with his head resting on the bottom. He didn’t know how this was any better than before. “Whatever you say” he confirmed, as he did what he thought he was told.

「≷」-  Rin frowned as he glanced over his passenger and groaned, “I didn’t mean it literately you just….oh forget it, at least no one will see you.” grumbled the officer before driving down the street and heading to his apartment. Once he got there, he looked around and saw that no one was paying too much attention to him but either way, he had to be careful. Rin looked at the back seat, grabbing the blanket there before placing it over Haru, at least to cover his waist down, “Come on, we’re here.” he said and picked him up once more and heading inside.

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unlikehisname inquired:

"Rin, take me to Australia."




「≷」- “Hehe, I don’t see why not. But just so you know, we might end up sleeping on the same bed. Is that alright?”


"You’re really excited about it aren’t you?" It’ll be Makoto’s first time in the country, so he was actually nervous. He also found it hard to believe that Rin could get all of it sorted in an hour. Even Makoto didn’t have that kind of power and he came from wealth. "Help me pack, I don’t know what to bring." It also meant Rin would have a say in his clothing choices. And therefore would be happy with the way his boyfriend looked.

」-  Shut up.” the redhead huffed as he rubbed the back of his neck while heading to the other’s closet, looking over his clothes. “It’s only for like two or three days so no need to grab a lot of things.” He explained before taking out a two pairs of jeans, some shirts, a sweater in case it got cold and some other things, “Where’s your duffle bag?”

/This should be our new rp if you don't mind cause Rin and little inu I think equals cuteness!/ The little inu stood up on his knees. Tears streamed down his face and his hand covered his chin. He stood by the male and reached out to grip his pants. "Ittai..." He whined out in pain.



「≷」-  Rin blinked as he took a closer look over the animal and stared in surprised, for one…it was so small, and two…it wasn’t an inu at all. Well it kinda was since it had a tail and ears and other things, but it  was half human too. But it looked so cute thou. “Hey…” he crouched down, “Are you alright?”

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🐾 “Nee, we have…cool eyes~” He happily smiled, his tail swayed. The inu raised his arms above his head. “Uppy~” If he was going to be taken home he wanted to be carried like the other kids he saw. If the taller man was the only one walking they would get there faster and his boo boo could be healed. “Will you really make it all better?”

」-  Rin chuckled as he picked up the little inu and pulled one side of his jacket over him just to keep him warm since the wind was a bit breezy. “Hmmm?” he looked over at him while heading for his apartment. “Of course I will. Don’t worry, you’ll be good as new, and I bet you’re hungry too, huh?” the redhead grinned and ruffled his hair, “By the way, you have a name?”



 [ ~ He remembered this one time, a lady asked to show up to his bedroom in his uniform and fuck her while wearing it. The memory made him flush, a big bite of his food taken. He just chuckled at Rin’s question, running a hand through his hair. ~ ]

“Not the right people.. I actually have been on a few dates with this one girl.. but I don’t see it going anywhere.And I feel bad.. she’s nice.. but.. I dunno.”

[ ~ He just wasn’t too interested in women, or at least dating them. They all seemed the same, talking about the same things, complaining and wanting the same things. ~]

“I think I’m coming terms to my sexuality now.”

「≷」-  Rin smiled at his friend as he then finished his food, he wiped his mouth with the napkin and saw a vending machine, he decided to grab them some sodas since Makoto got them the hotdogs. He listened to his friend talk about having dates, especially with one girl and he thought that maybe Makoto wasn’t interested in dating guys…or maybe dating him. Well that sucked. He was hoping to ask him out but…

            He placed a few quarters into the machine and pressed the button to pick out their sodas before he tossed one towards the firefighter. Rin did his one hand thing to open his can before taking a gulp. “Well at least you don’t have to deal with with what I go through.” he chuckled and hid his disappointment, “I’m kinda tired of the whole ‘fuck the police’ and I mean it literately. I been to a few dates with both girls and guys, so…yeah…I came in terms with my sexuality long time. I’m very much interested in the male population.”