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「Shoreline Spill」 - [closed rp: @ harukalovestoswim]






Rin frowned as he listened to Haru while under the shower, “Yeah somewhat. It protects us from the elements of the weather and we can be walked around naked just because…its a law among most populations.” he sighed and began to wash his hair, “Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. But…to each their own.”

"Not everyone agrees?" he questioned. "Do you agree with it? Or is that why you aren’t wearing any clothes now?" This human was confusing, either he liked wearing clothes or he didn’t.

「≷」-  Rin snorted at the questions, it was like trying to explain something as simple as clothes to a child. But then again, if their roles were reversed…he would expect he would have some questions of his own. “No Haru. I only take off my clothes so I can clean myself. Humans were clothes but take them off when they need to wash themselves.” he then shut off the water once he was finished, “And to answer your question…it depends…I don’t mind being naked, its just I only do that when I’m in the shower or sometimes sleeping when it gets too hot here.”

He was doing it again. So Rin didn’t mind not wearing clothes, but at the same time he liked wearing them? This whole thing was too confusing for the sea dweller. With that Haru sighed, slipping into the water-less tub once again.

「≷」-   Rin grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist before stepping out of the shower stall, no need to give more views to the annoying dolphin and hear more of his questions. He avoided in looking over at the merman and quickly left the bathroom so he could dry himself off in his bedroom in peace.

Neko Children (swimmingforthegold)




"Okay" The blue eyed kitten replied as he made his way to the bath. Once in the bathroom he took no time at all getting undressed, he loved the water that much, that nothing else seemed important when it was involved.

「≷」-  Rin blinked at the speed the other kitten began to undress and before he could tell him to slow down, the raven neko was already in the water. He chuckled and began to take his own clothes before joining him. He grinned as some of the bubbles were on Haru’s face. “Heheh, it looks like you have a bubble beard.”

Haru blinked at the feeling of the bubbles on his face. He didn’t usually take baths with bubble bath, but this was Rin’s home. The bubbles started to tickle his nose, causing the little kitten to sneeze. He shook his head around, trying to shake off the weird feeling. “The water feels nice” he commented. A warm bath after being out in the cold was perfect. What would they do tomorrow he wondered.

「≷」-   The redhead neko continued to laugh as he heard Haru sneezing, the sound was so cute…not even his baby sister could top that. Rin then smiled and nodded in agreement before leaning back against the tub, sighing in content as the water did feel really good. “Yeah…I want to stay here forever.” he giggled before staring at his friend. A wicked grin came over his lips and before Haru knew what happened, Rin splashed some bubbly water at him.

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Friends with Benefits - with swimmingforthegold


Makoto looked up at Rin as he arrived, sighing to control his heartbeat.

"Kyoko-chan works here. I don’t think she wanted me to know, cause she’s never told me before and she looked shocked to see me" Makoto answered, smiling as he watched Rin sit down.

"What’d you end up ordering for us?" Makoto asked out of curiosity.

「≷」-   The redhead raised an eyebrow before nodding, he wondered why the hell that brat kept this from Makoto. It wasn’t like it was anything bad, it was just work. But then again, he didn’t care as long as he got to spend time with the brunette.

            But his confession will have to wait since Makoto looked pretty upset despite the smile over his lips. Rin could see it in his eyes.

            “Um..” he looked over at the orders and grinned sheepishly, “Well I kinda got you more or less the same thing that I got plus..” his grin got bigger when he served Makoto his order plus the dessert. “They had chocolate cake so I got you one knowing how you like them so much.” He hoped that made the other feel a little better.

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jessrine inquired:

"Meanie. Are you gonna dress up for Halloween?"

「≷」-  Shrugs, “Who knows. I might just stay home and watch movies. You?”

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