「≷」-  Rin’s jaw dropped when he saw the stranger taking off his own head and it caused him to panic, just a little bit since this situation was getting freakier by the minute. “Holy shit…you…you…” Well damn, at least he wasn’t alone. He shook his head and tried to clear his thoughts as he still had more questions to ask the other. “Jesus Christ, this is one hell of a morning. Oh right, the name is Rin…Matsuoka Rin and you are?”

"Name’s Jenard, nice to meet you." He smiles. "Well, did you plan on doing something else other than questioning what happened to you?" He chuckles. "I know, it’s pretty sudden, but maybe you’ll either get used to it or be back in one piece again." He shrugs.

「≷」-  The redhead nodded at the other as he introduced himself before turning around to lean up against the kitchen counter and rubbing his hands over his face. All this was too much to handle but at least someone understood him. “Well I was going to go run but this is just freaking me out too much. How the hell can you handle this?”


"I don’t really have a reliable answer, but…"


"I was sent to a guidance counselor. She informed me, that she believes I have depression. I personally don’t believe I could ever have it, however…"

「≷」-  ”Seriously? If you were having such a hard time, you should’ve come to me.”

        “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Lips Like Sugar” for the fiancee


Makoto blinked in surprise but smiled, kissing back each time. “Hello to you too~”

-  Rin chuckled happily as he felt the kisses being returned before wrapping his arms tightly around the other. He cuddled against his fiancee on the bed before leaning over to nuzzle the taller male’s neck. Finally a day that the two were off and Sai was at school. “You know, Gou is not gonna let me see you since we’re getting married the day after tomorrow. Something about being bad luck if we saw each other the day before our wedding. Would you be able to handle that?” the redhead teased.

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» Uh, babe? What did you do? OMG What did Haru do this time??

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He hummed softly. He knew what Rin meant, but he couldnt help the words that spilled out. “Why don’t we skip straight to dessert, hmn…?”

-  Blink, blink. When the words registered into his brain on what his boyfriend meant, a grin slowly formed over his lips before wrapping his arms around Makoto’s neck. “Hmm, so tempting…but do you really want some dessert now while we have an audience?” he tilted his head, indicating the kittens around them.

He glanced at the kittens for a moment. “….I can stick them in the box and in the closet.”

-  At the suggestion, Rin laughed before leaning to rest his forehead against his boyfriend’s, “You? Put a box of kittens in your closet? Come now, Mako, I doubt you have the heart to do that.” he teased.

Neko Children (swimmingforthegold)


He turned back to face his friend with what could be a hint of a smile. It really was nice having someone to swim and talk with. “Yeah” he replied. “It’s been nice spending time with you Rin.” Just then a rain drop hit Haru’s cheek. He looked up and noticed the grey clouds quickly moving in “it’s starting to rain…”

「≷」-  Rin grinned even more, feeling like his face would slipt in half as Haru agreed with being his friend. This was great! Having someone just like him was something the redhead neko always wanted, now he didn’t have to hide or pretend he was alright by himself. Haru was the best thing that ever happen to him. He then blinked and looked up at the same time as a few more drops fell, “Noooo!” whined the redhead, “We gotta go, Haru. Hey, how about hiding over that cave over there? Or do you want to go home?”

Rin, I'm a merman now. Future Fish said so.



「≷」-  Blink, blinks. Ok now he seen everything.

    Rin sighed and rubbed the back of his neck as he looked over at Haru, currently swimming in the water. “I should be surprised, but I’m not. Mind telling me how the hell did you managed to turn yourself into a merman? But then again, you are you. So it was a matter of time before you transitioned yourself into some type of aquatic creature.” he teased at his best friend.

"I didn’t expect you to" he replied honestly before looking back at Rin. "Thanks though. I really do appreciate it." Rin was getting irritated, and the last thing he wanted was for his friend to be angry with him.


-  Rin looked over at Haru and huffed before adverting his eyes, a hand went to the back of his neck before rubbing it awkwardly. Of course, stupid merman would say such stupid things and make him blush. “Tsk, idiot.”



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